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Protective Visor by 3DVerkstan

I would like to thank our fantastic team at 3DVerkstan who all have contributed massively!

Since the medical community currently (2020-03-20) has a urgent need for protective visors and other PPE for our heroes that spends their days battling COVID-19, myself and my co-workers at 3DVerkstan have spent a lot of time during the past few days designing a printable visor.

This in a WORK IN PROGRESS, and might get multiple revisions during the coming days/weeks, but this first released version is the first one on its way to be tried out by a local hospital.

The plastic shield can be made out of any semi-stiff plastic sheet between 0.1 and 1mm, including overhead film, cover sheets for binding machines etc, as long as it is available in a suitable format.

There currently are 3 different versions. One for SWEDEN, one for EUROPE and one for NORTH AMERICA.
For information about the different versions:

If you need it to sit tighter on your head or if you are leaning over patients a lot and worry about it falling off, a simple rubber band can be put over the two hooks in the back.

For help with print settings:

You need approx a 210x210mm build area to print two at a time, and about 160x190mm if you are OK with only doing one at a time.

The 3MF file shows how you can put 3 of these on a single Ultimaker S5 print bed and print them in 21 minutes per piece with a 0.8 mm nozzle.

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