Crawler Cat 1 6x6 Expedition Cab - 1/10 RC body attachment

By AheadRC

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Crawler Cat 1 6x6 Expedition Cab - 1/10 RC body attachment

By AheadRC

PLEASE make sure your 3D printer is able to print a minimum size of 180x235x205mm. before purchasing.

Designed specifically for the Cat 1 "Mammoth", this one is for those who have built or are planning to build a 6x6 Mammoth. 

If you haven’t seen the 4x4 Cat 1 Expedition build yet, you should check it out here:

The Cat 1 6x6 Expedition Cab is an addon attachment for the Crawler Cat 1 "Mammoth" (The truck cab is sold separately) It is pretty much identical to the original Cat 1 Expedition Cab, but designed for a 6x6 chassis. Specifically, Traxxas’s TRX6 wheelbase will be a direct match. i.e. 324mm from front to middle axle, and 130mm from middle axle to rear axle. The Expedition cab mounts designed for the TRX6 are also included to make mounting easier. You will still need to design a mount to secure the rearmost part of the Expedition cab however. 

Please note that TRX6 mounts are NOT included for the front cab, and will need to be custom designed.

The 4x4 version of the Expedition Cab can be found here.


Physically the external dimensions of the Cat 1 6x6 Expedition Cab and the original Cat 1 Expedition Cab are the same. Departure and breakover angle are improved though, compared to the standard 420mm wheelbase 4x4 configuration for our trucks.

The features on the Cat 1 6x6 Expedition Cab, naturally are very similar.

Wide track and standard width fenders are included to provide either a more aggressive or a more stock kind of look. 

Similar to the Crawler 4320 Expedition Cab, this one is also packed with a ton of interchangeable modular accessories. These mainly being a fuel carriage with fuel can, antenna mount with 2 antennae of different lengths, multi purpose box, rear visor, and more. But the coolest accessory added to this cab are traction boards and an externally mounted functional tray with door, to store 2 traction boards.

There is really a lot of detailing on this cab, including different mock hinges for the windows and mock compartments. Along with that, side vents and a power socket similar to the one from the 4320 Expedition Cab are also designed.

LED lights can be mounted to the cab side and the taillights to make this a truly realistic looking cab. All you will need are; 6x Orange 3mm LED, 2x White 5mm LED, 2x Orange 5mm LED, 2x Red 5mm LED. 

The side door can also open and lock as you turn the door handle, small model hinges are required for this to function. 

Polycarbonate sheets can be cut according to the included .DXF files and can be mounted in the grooves, which function as the windows! A sunroof is also designed so you get the option to either cover it permanently or open it to let the air in.

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