SkeeRide 2

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SkeeRide 2

The SkeeRide 2 is a complete new design. Taking from the knowledge gained from the SkeeRide and all of the community feedback, the SkeeRide 2 has been strengthened and improved in all aspects of the design. You can expect better durability, smoother suspension, and greater performance. Due to these changes the build will require more parts and may be considered a more complex build in comparison to the original SkeeRide.

Instructions and Parts List

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Illustrated assembly instructions included.

Skid and Tunnel lengths 154,165 and 175

Video Assembly here: 

Discord community for support: Discord Server

Contact BuilditBetter on the discord server if you wish to become authorized to sell the SkeeRide 2 in printed form. 

Disclaimer: Due to printer abilities being different and always changing, and the nature of an off road vehicle there is a good chance you will break parts. Luckily they should be easy to reprint and fix rather quickly. I will do my best to provide support through discord and if files are found in need of improvement I will do my best to improve and then include for free for those who have purchased the files. I give no guarantee that it will print perfect on your machine or that things will not break when you send the sled flying off a cliff.

This product is not endorsed by or affiliated with: Ski-Doo., Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., BRP US Inc., BRP European Distribution SA., or any of their affiliate companies and subsidiaries.

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