Tamiya Hornet Battery Retainer Door and Trans Brace

By Ampro Engineering

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Tamiya Hornet Battery Retainer Door and Trans Brace

This bracket is attached to the chassis using the grasshopper transmission extension notch for placement and then two screws holding it secure. Considering doing the 3rd shock mod? Don't bother. This allows the articulation needed for the Hornet without the flopping of the rear end under acceleration. This captures the leading edge of the transmission without any damage to the trans case. Please make sure you clean/drill the clip holes to make sure all 3D printing material is cleared out. The door will no longer fall off. If you have an early hornet with the "tab" on the transmission from the Grasshopper, you will need to cut it off and smooth it out. Please see the video prior to purchase. 

Battery Door and Retainer Installation

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